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Student Choice


Students have a number of elective options such as STEM program, world language, expanded art and health programs, and instrumental and vocal music programs.

Individualized Scheduling


Students’ days are scheduled by a team of counselors and administrators to ensure they have the opportunities and support they need to reach their full potential.


Centennial Middle School earns its reputation as a safe and successful school through the hard work and commitment of staff, students, parents and the wider community.

Extracurricular Choices

Students can participate in sports and activities through community education, Centennial High School and Fine Arts, including band, choir, theater, debate and improv.

1,547 Students

We serve over 1,500 students in sixth through eighth grade. 

Building Opened in 1997

The middle school opened in 1997 with a staff of approximately 180 and 1,750 students. It consists of 12 student houses arranged in three two-story wings. 

95% Graduation Rate

Centennial has an above average graduation rate at 95% while the state average is 83.6%.

High Open Enrollment Rate

Over 1,000 students open enroll in the district annually. 

Student Activities


From numerous sports to clubs and special events, Centennial Middle School has a significant number of students in fun and educational opportunities tailored to their interests. Buses are provided for all students participating in after-school activities.



To ensure students are supported as they move to the middle school, students new to the building are given a tour and paired up with a student buddy to help with the first days. Fifth grade students visit with their teachers to help them prepare, and the first day of school in the fall is for incoming sixth grade students only.

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